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Início do Conteúdo Principal

Social Projects

The Soccer Grass launders partnership with INJR - Institute Project Neymar Jr making the installation of a football field in synthetic grass, with the main objective to stimulate sports among children.
From July 2014, the INJR - Design Institute Neymar Jr, an organization that uses sport activity as an educational tool, expands its operations and win the football field. The new project, a partnership Soccer Grass, aims to disseminate the concept of education through sport.
The Soccer Grass believes in principles and inclusion, participation and freedom of expression. In sports, children experience in the different age groups, sports activities that are based on experimentation. Show effective action sport as an educational element of social transformation, stimulating multidisciplinary approach and multiplying.
We believe that the encouragement of self-knowledge, through sport, brings the movement of the control of his own body and is the beginning of their perception of spatial existence. This self-knowledge, combined with education, promotes understanding and appreciation of their identity
"Sports and education is joy, is a dream, it is imagination. It opens up possibilities for a new look of education through sport. The teacher, the child, the young and the community, all together. This seed can all lead to a happy path "concludes Alessandro Oliveira - President of Soccer Grass.

Zico Social

The Soccer Grass Zico Social Project is supported by the perennial icon Zico, together with city governments and Soccer Grass. 
The goal of the project is to build sports venues in order to offer soccer classes to children and adolescents. The purpose is to promote education by developing sport in a healthy and pleasurable manner which contemplates the contents of motor, cognitive, psychomotor, emotional-social, and social-educational learning.    

"Being a great citizen is... more important than being a great player or a great footballer." 
Zico, May 2011