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Environmental Concern and Respect

Our commitment against environmental impact is focused on rubber recycling on our artificial turf, both in Brazil and abroad. 
Soccer Grass uses over 1 million recycled passenger car tires per year. Responsibility and respect to the environment are among our brand's values and in our natural resource preservation awareness. 
Soccer Grass has been proactive for years in favor of environmental preservation and is the first Brazilian company in its specialized segment to ban the use of sand in its facilities. 
The extraction of natural resources through mining is one of the most degrading processes against nature. 
Other important factors took into account by Soccer Grass in the banning of the "sand" component from its facilities were: (I) Preventing bacteria proliferation; (II) Providing improved impact absorption, comfort, and safety by minimizing the risk and severity of injuries in sportsmen; (III) Providing increased durability of the turf, as sand generates the "sandpaper" or "guillotine effect," which causes increased wear of the wiring; 
For these purposes, the zero-sand TotalRubber® specially developed by Soccer Grass uses a reinforced base to ensure the quality and stability of the turf.
As an environmentally correct company, Soccer Grass uses only recycled rubber and bi-component glue, which is free of solvents and plasticizers, at its facilities.
Environmetal Impact