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Features of the XPro® - Professional Synthetic Turf

The Grass Soccer Synthetic Grass Xpro® was developed especially for the practice of professional soccer, with high quality and combination of the systems Multifibrilado and TotalRubber®, following the international standards.
The fibers are produced in polypropylene and polyethylene in any yarn weight (Dtex). Its bristles are high, tufted and resistant to the action of UV rays, which guarantees the original coloring and beauty of the synthetic lawn for a long time.
The fibers recommended by Soccer Grass are: 45mm, 55mm and 63mm, always from the primary base.
The construction of synthetic grass soccer fields with this system avoids injuries caused by traction or rotational movements of the athlete's body.

Benefits from the use of this type of synthetic turf:


The XPro® synthetic turf was developed with the Multi-Fiber system and TotalRubber® technology, which ensure maximum performance in sports:

Logo Total Rubber

The zero-sand TotalRubber® system was specially developed by Soccer Grass and has already been tested and approved by the International Federation of Football Association. 

Always focused on innovation with sustainability, Soccer Grass has developed this impact absorption system using rubber granules only, which completely eliminating the "sand" from its facilities, which, besides causing less environmental impact by not extracting natural resources, has as its main advantages: 

  • Preventing the growth of bacteria;
  • AEnsures a better impact absorption;
  • Minimizing the risk and severity of injuries to sportsmen;
  • Providing greater comfort and safety;
  • Providing increased durability of the turf, as sand generates the "sandpaper" or "guillotine effect," which causes increased wear of the wiring.

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The Multi-Fiber system is a fully-tested model consolidated worldwide, as it provides increased durability and resistance for synthetic turfs. 

he interweaving of the Multi-Fiber system wires operates excellently in combination with the TotalRubber® system specially developed by Soccer Grass, as it allows rubber granules to remain in the upper end of the wire, thus providing: 

  • A longer time with raised fibers;
  • Decreased wear;
  • Better drainage;
  • Increased impact absorption;
  • Increased safety for sportsmen;
  • Appearance similar to natural grass. 


It is the only synthetic grass that allows the use of studded cleats.

Features of the XPro® turf, which uses the Multi-Fiber and TotalRubber® systems:


Technical highlights applied to playing conditions:


International Standard Approvals

Subfloor – Approved items:
  • Compression;
  • Planimetry;
  • Drainage;
  • Trims.
Synthetic Grass – Approved items:
  • Durability;
  • Protection against UV rays;
  • Rolling of the ball;
  • Bounce of the ball at a right angle;
  • Bounce of the ball at a 45º angle;
  • Traction and rotation of boots;
  • Anchorage of the seams;
  • Resistance to fiber pullout;
  • Impact Absorption.


Test results


Soccer Grass XPro®
Test Results
Recommended Tolerance
Bounce of the ballDry Conditions60cm44 - 63cm
Wet Conditions57cm
Frozen Conditions76cm
Reduced StrenghtDry Conditions65%60%
Wet Conditions64%60%
Frozen Conditions50%48%
DeformationDry Conditions6mm3 - 7mm
Wet Conditions5mm
TractionDry Conditions36Nm30 - 45Nm
Wet Conditions32Nm
DeformationDry Conditions55%45 - 60Nm


Main Values for the Laboratory Test
Fifa 1 Star
Fifa 2 Star
XPro® Turf Pro 55
XPro® Turf Pro 64
Test Method
Impact absorption after simulated wear%55-7060-706262FIFA
Deformation after simulated wearmm4/set4/ago7.67.9FIFA
Traction after simulated wearNm25-5030-453740FIFA
Slip resistance on wet floor 120-220130-210181186FIFA
Deceleration on wet floor 3.0-6.03.0-
Bounce of the ball after simulated wearcm0.60-1.003.0-0.850.820.82FIFA
Displacement of the ball on dry floormtr4/out4/ago6.26.5FIFA
Behavior of the ball when launched on dry ground%45-7045-605960FIFA
Behavior of the ball when launched on dry ground%45-8045-808070FIFA
Friction n/a0.35-0.750.590.65FIFA
Change in the color of the fibers > gray scale 3> gray scale 344EN 13864
Stretching of the fibers <50%<50%2525EN ISO 20105