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Multi-Sports Court

Performance, safety, and comfort for amateur and professional sportsmen

Soccer Grass offers a complete line of approved flooring types for several indoor and outdoor sports, including futsal, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball, and recreation, combining comfort, safety, and aesthetics at a low execution and maintenance price.

Composition: Asphalt Base – Can be used on courts designed for almost all sports. An asphalt emulsion layer, a synthetic resin, and a coat of paint are applied on the subfloor preparation. For tennis courts, the finishing of the final coat of paint must be rough to provide a slower ball bounce. 

Maintenance: As a measure of maintenance, the synthetic resin must be replaced every 5 years for outdoor courts and every 8 years for indoor courts.

Demarcation: Acrylic/vinyl colored resins – Game demarcation lines in acrylic resins.

Features: Antiskid / Resistance to sun exposure / Durable / Variety of colors / Recommended for both indoor and outdoor areas.


Multisports court