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Prevention and Revitalization

Preserving the sports assets of Soccer Grass

Essentially, the main purpose of maintaining fibers and rubber granules is to keep the wires always in a vertical position, thus minimizing their wear and tear and ensuring an homogeneous distribution of rubber granules. This process maintains the flatness of the field, which provides better performance and quality in the rolling and bounce of the ball, thus contributing to a better performance of sportsmen. 
This action is performed by a highly trained staff and by the use of a machine specially developed for this purpose, equipped with a polyethylene wire brush that does not harm the artificial grass fibers, and appropriately leveled for each turf, which is longitudinally and transversely passed across the entire field, lifting the fibers and leveling the rubber. When fibers are in a vertical position, their wear is minimized because it prevents the playing from occurring on the "back" of the wires, which could cause fibers to break or cut in half.      
Soccer Grass Sports Assets preservation features: