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Supplemental Solutions

At Soccer Grass, you will find complete sports solutions. We install subfloors, fencing, lighting, and accessories to meet your project in the full detail.



After earthworks, we prepare the crushed stone and compressed leveled grit layers. This effective drainage system ensures a consistently dry field due to quick water runoff. The system is the same as used on the 1stapproved artificial grass field in Brazil.
The subfloor building and renewal performed by Soccer Grass have been approved in regard to the following items: 
• Compression;
• Planimetry;
• Drainage;
• Trims. 



Built in tubular structures at a height of 7 meters above the ground floor level.
Our system uses steel tubes with resistant walls in the building of the wire mesh columns and lashing straps. Upper beam with a rectangular steel tube welded on top for closing and sealing to preventing water intake. 
All the building system has a surface zinc finish and is painted with synthetic enamel. Our coating is done in wire mesh with galvanized wire and PVC coated, providing extra protection to the product. We also offer a mixed fencing option using nylon mesh at the higher points.



Our lighting system consists of six poles per sports court, longitudinally arranged as three on each side.

• Pole Building System: Tubular ladder-shaped bars attached to the fence itself. The system is adopted for ease of removal of the containment net for maintenance work on the lighting apparatus, located at a height of 8 meters above the ground floor level, without the need for scaffolding.

• Electrical Materials: All electrical materials are supplied by third parties. Soccer Grass currently works with the best vendors in the market.

• Lighting apparatus: Cables, wiring, metal-vapor lamps, and high power reactors coated for outdoor use with Ipê-54 protection.

• Building system: Adopts the recommended standards and uses all cables grounded with rigid PVC conduits and the pole itself for the passage of cables. This installation system prevents exposed wiring up to the reactor feed.

• System Feed: Fully separate for each pole, connection system up to the interconnect box in masonry, and concrete cover for subterranean inspection, with outputs for the six conduits to individually power each pole. The customer will provide only a central control panel comprising a main switch and six bipolar circuit breakers for individual turn-on and turn-off commands.



• Goalposts: In box format, made of steel tube with 4'' and 1 ½'' in diameter directly on the synthetic grass, without need for fixing or fastening to the ground. Finished with synthetic paint in matte white color.

• Goal Net: Honeycomb-type nylon net made ​​of 5mm wire in white color.

• Containment Net: Net for containment of high-rising balls installed on the upper part of the fence, made of 14cm mesh and 2.5mm diameter wires, in blue color, with UV protection.

• Protection Net: Protection net used as a coating on the side and goal lines of the fence for ball retrieval. The system is used only on the upper part, which makes construction works more cost-effective. Made of 14cm square mesh and 5mm diameter wires, in blue color, with UV protection.