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Advantages of Synthetic Turf

1. The resemblance to the natural lawn and the fine finish at the facility makes Soccer Grass's synthetic grass a crucial factor in the final decision to opt into a secure purchase.
2. Yarns with more flexibility and the excellence in resistance and durability of the synthetic Grass Soccer Grass leaves in front of the competition, thus passing the due and deserved tranquility to our customers.
3. Reinforced protection against ultraviolet UV rays, it guarantees the similarity of the color of the synthetic grass with the natural lawn until its useful life expires. 4. Soccer Grass's synthetic grass ensures a surface that is easy to clean and to clean the product.
5. Soccer Grass synthetic grass is Ideal for intense use and can be used for 24 hours a day.
6. Soccer Grass takes you to a non-abrasive synthetic lawn, thus making our product safe and reliable for our children and animals

Why choose Grass Soccer Synthetic grass and not the natural grass?

The synthetic grass does not grow, so there will be no concern for cuts and services from third parties or watering, thus collaborating with water saving.
Not the need for pesticide fertilizers avoiding unpleasant situations and of course saving a budget you would spend periodically to maintain the natural grass. Several species of insects feed on the natural lawn, with the synthetic Grass Soccer Grass will wipe out the joy of these insects!
With the synthetic grass Grass Soccer Grass will not have more concern with the season, guaranteeing a unique visual aspect in all the seasons of the year.

Maintenance of decorative synthetic grass

The decorative synthetic grass requires no maintenance, the product is high technology and maintains its color and natural appearance until the end of its useful life, logically that we will have to collect leaves and residues on its surface.

For animals when they defecate over the product the ideal would be to collect the faeces and throw neutral soap with water and rub so that the impurities can leave and keep the environment aromatically pleasant and healthy to all who share the space.

The synthetic grass is a revolutionary product where it stays visually intact, giving the appearance of a natural lawn in perfect conditions.

IMPORTANT: Do not throw products that can cause chemical reactions, as the grass can be damaged in both the fibers and the base.