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Doubts about Decorative Grass

Where can I apply decorative synthetic grass?

The diversity of places for the application of decorative synthetic grass is very wide and some of them are Playgrounds, Pet shop, Gardens, Malls, Airports, Walls, Showcases and especially in places where the natural grass can not survive.

What kind of soil can we apply decorative synthetic grass?

We recommend that it be on firm ground preferably with counter floor existing to avoid future upheavals.

Why choose Grass Soccer Decorative Grass and not the natural lawn?

The synthetic grass does not grow, so there will be no concern about cuts and third party services. Not the need for pesticide fertilizers avoiding unpleasant situations and of course saving a budget you would spend periodically to maintain the natural grass. Several species of insects feed on the natural lawn, with the synthetic Grass Soccer Grass this would not have happened more.

What is the maintenance in decorative synthetic grass?

Maintenance is discarded when we speak of decorative synthetic grass. Of course if you dro‌p something like sodas, food or pet feces you have to be wiping the surface of it.

Can decorative synthetic grass be exposed to the sun?

Of course you can imagine having a product that can not be exposed to all the adverse weather conditions we have today. Our products have ultra UV protection where it guarantees the coloration of the same throughout its useful life.

Is decorative synthetic grass easy to install?

Yes, there is not much secret in the installation. But we always indicate that the installation with a professional of our company or that already has experience with installation of this type of product so that it can have a better finish and a final satisfactory result.

What are the heights of decorative synthetic grass?

We have various heights of 08mm, 12mm, 20mm, 30mm

What colors are available?

We have 12mm grass in white, red, yellow, black, blue and other green thickness please consult us.
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